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At Shenzhen Review, we are always trying to find the best of the best when it comes to dining experiences, tastes, atmospheres, and service. This category is to showcase the restaurants that are doing things very well that we feel is worth advertising. If you are a restaurant and feel that you deserve to be on the top of our list, please contact us for a review.

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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Arrives in Shenzhen | Artisans Pizza

Chicago Style Artisans is well known in the Shenzhen food and drink circuit and is considered by many, including myself to be one of the top pizzas in the city.  Continually pushing the boundaries and searching for something new and...

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Tristan’s Burrito | | 从广州开来深圳的美式墨西哥美食

Tristan's started in Guangzhou lead by head chef Tristan who hails from the States. This restaurant has now opened to the Shekou area in Shenzhen China. 大概在半年前我就听说过Tristan's,由于他的餐厅开在广州,一直以来也只是在各种微信美食群里听到吃货们的推荐,没有机会尝试,现在Tristan's开到了深圳蛇口,让我终于有机会探店。店里的标志食物不同于城内其他墨西哥餐厅主打的tacos塔克饼,而是不同馅料的Burritos。 Burritos是一种墨西哥的传统食物,它主要是将肉、豆、生菜、碎芝士等食品和各种酱料一起放在薄饼上,并把饼卷起来包紧。由于美国在地理位置上与墨西哥接近,以及美国有大量墨西哥移民,Burritos也在美国十分流行。Tristan's Burrito就是比较偏向美国风味的做法,有用锡纸包好切半的经典做法,还有用可选红酱或绿酱来做成Enchilado-Style的做法。上面洒满酱汁和芝士又回炉经过烘烤的Enchilado-Style会让你的Burrito风味更足,加三十五块钱就可以把你的Burrito做成Enchilado-Style。 (Tristan's Burrito - Enchilado-Style) 我们来感受一下他家的菜单—— 密集的文字和丰富的内容让对饮食略有讲究加上英文还不错的我也有点摸不着头脑:LA-Style Tacos, Tres Tacos跟Tristan's Tacos三者有什么区别?我来帮助大家解读一下Tristan's的菜单吧 :) (Tristan's...

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