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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


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Cats and Coffee

Cat Cafe Opens in Futian Now Shenzhen has no shortage of coffee shops, in fact, there is a glutton of them around.  And in such a competitive marketplace you really need to stand out to thrive, long gone are the...

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Organic Lamb and Greek Salad

Organic Lamb Cutlets w Greek Salad   Serves : 2-3 people If you have lived in Shenzhen, China for longer then a  week, you will know that certain items are harder to find in the meat market that you are...

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Lunch special at Angelo’s Italian

Angelo's a taste of Italy for lunch Trattoria Italiana Da Angelo, or simply Angelo’s is located at OCT BAY. Under the same ownership as the very popular restaurant Braceria Pugliese, its one of the mainstays of the always changing Italian...

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