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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Great value lunch special hits McCawleys

Review overview


The Pros

  • Selection
  • Cost
  • 3 locations

The Cons

  • Drink options weak
  • Not on weekends

A lunch for everyone at McCawley’s

 The lunch special, something many people want but for some reason, so few restaurants seem to do.  Well now thanks to McCawley’s there is a great value lunch special to tuck into.  Now many of you who live in SZ will no doubt know of McCawley’s, with its long-standing tenure in the city and its 3 locations it has a distinct name recognition. During my time in the city, it’s gone through considerable changes, it is usually one of the 1st places any newcomer to the city hits, however I always found it to be grossly overpriced and the food underwhelming.  I’m happy to say that the lunch special once again puts McCawley’s as a must hit destination, at lunch time at least.

Interior of McCawley’s

What is the ’lunch special’

 It’s a simple set to understand, you get any main dish, and along with that you get soup of the day, salad, and a drink (soft drink or tea/coffee)This is 60 RMB and I think it presents tremendous value, especially given its prime locations within the city.  The salad is nothing to write home about, I mean how good can a side salad be?  It was fresh and had a nice dressing on but that’s about all I can say.  The drink is standard and again needs no words.    The soup of the day was a delight.  Mexican bean soup, it had flavour and punch with a hint of spice.  T may not have looked like much but it tasted great!

May not look great, but the taste was!

The main this time was eggs benedict.  A classic brunch option, this is easily used as a lunch special the world over.  Simple in concept but devilishly difficult to execute, this is a true test of any good chef.  The eggs were big, soft, and had just the right amount of hollandaise sauce for my liking.  One negative is that it was served on bread when the Brit in me demands an English muffin.   It was a big enough portion to leave my satisfied, yet not overfull and needing a lunch time nap.

Other options include BLT sandwich, hotdogs, wraps, burgers and much more.

Lunch special options

Overall I highly recommend this lunch special, it really does present good value for money. Something that is not always easy to find in SZ.  11am-3pm Monday-Friday

No.151-152 Shop, 1st Floor, Building C, Coco Park, Mintian Road, Futian, SZ

Shopping Park Metro station


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