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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Quality Fast Food at BURGERO

BURGERO is for the burger connoisseur; bringing creativity and value to the Shenzhen fast food scene without foregoing quality.


BURGERO is for the burger connoisseur; bringing creativity and value to the Shenzhen fast food scene without foregoing quality.

Shenzhen’s newest burger joint, BURGERO, situated opposite the Marco Polo Hotel in Futian, is not the easiest place to locate. It is not visible from the street. You’ll need to go into the arcade opposite the hotel and then you’ll see it mirroring a 7-Eleven. But this is all part of the adventure, to seek out those hidden gems and treat your taste buds to a fine piece of grub. And fine is exactly what BURGERO offers.

Despite the abundance of Americana on its walls, BURGERO gives off the vibe of a Turkish kebab shop (in a good way). It is hard to pinpoint exactly the reason. Perhaps it’s the kitchen in full view, or the menu, or simply the men in charge. The owners are from Lebanon, where there are already two BURGEROs in operation and another opening in June this year. This Shenzhen branch is the first in China with more already planned for Shenzhen and particularly Shanghai.



Make no bones about it; BURGERO is for the burger connoisseur but without the pomp of places like BAIA Burger Concept. The owner, Mo, is passionate about food and is under no illusions of the type of food his establishment offers. He is looking to bring creativity and value to the Shenzhen fast food scene without foregoing quality. This is abundantly clear from the menu, which has a delightful entry as part of the chicken burgers, which I tried. It’s a broccoli-filled chicken burger called the Chicken Pepper Maze (above, right) – it is 72 RMB and delicious. Succulent chicken in a peppery honey-mustard sauce but with crunchy broccoli bits throughout (there is also a beef version).

BURGERO is offering new and exciting concepts without pushing the envelope too much. It would of course be bad for business to go full Blumenthal, and it is unneeded as their current hamburger line-up is an oeuvre to be proud of. Though there is no vegetarian option yet, I certainly look forward to what they create to cater for that market.



So what burgers are on offer? There are thirteen burgers to choose from; nine beef and four chicken. They’ve got the Basic Burger, which is a beef patty with cheese, pickles, onion, tomato, iceberg lettuce, and mayo and that goes for 68 RMB. The meat is cooked at 50% medium-well done as standard, which was fine for me but the doneness (and removal of ingredients) can be specified when ordering. The Basic Burger is a really well-rounded burger with a nice glazed bun that doesn’t fall apart mid-eat. The burgers are a little saucy (in particular the signature Burgero Burger) but that is expected to some degree with such a filled burger, however gloves are provided for those that need them. Personally, I cannot eat a hamburger wearing gloves.

Other burgers on the menu are the Giant Burger (83 RMB), the Burgero Burger (78 RMB), the Mushroom Beef Burger (78 RMB), the tofu-filled Doupi Burger (80 RMB), the Lebanese Burger (63 RMB), and the Two-Hundred 60 Burger (89 RMB), which is a 200g prime Black Angus patty stuffed with 60g Cheddar cheese, mayo, Roca leaves, mushrooms, and white onions. They stipulate that grilling time for that big boy is 12-18 minutes.

They also offer a selection of sandwiches (48-61 RMB), a couple of salads (50 RMB), chicken wings (42 RMB), a hot dog (42 RMB), as well as vanilla, chocolate, and bubble-gum ice-creams (all 18 RMB).



Prices vary from 63 RMB to 89 RMB for the various burger options. It is not as cheap as a DKC Burger Club-type establishment, but the quality at BURGERO is higher. The beef is all grain-fed Australian Black Angus prime cuts, and the patties are noticeably and substantially richer than other burgers in Shenzhen. Those prices also include fries, salad, and a soft drink, so it’s very good value (and soon there will be a loyalty card for even more discount). All burgers arrive on wooden breadboard-style “plates”, and all tables have tissues (which you will need for more sauce-heavy burgers). All burger options also come à la carte for which the price will be 10-12 RMB lower.

And here’s something that the Brit in me always notices; while they advertise them as “fries”, they are chunkier and more akin to chips. They, too, are yummy.

Pictured above (left-right) are the Lebanese Burger, which is a Black Angus beef burger with cheese, pickles, friend potato, ketchup, and coleslaw;  the Pepper Maize Beef Burger, which is a Black Angus patty with flame-grilled baby broccoli, a cheesy sauce, and mayo;  and the Burgero Burger, which is another 125g of beef with cheese, zucchini, yellow paprika, home-made honey mustard, crispy bacon, and mayo.



It is a fast-food restaurant, so the service is not a deal breaker. You know what you will get and as long as ordering isn’t a pain-in-the-neck and the food arrives in a timely manner, service should get a thumbs up.  They succeeded on those fronts, plus the owner was very welcoming, informative, laid-back, and authentic.  He cared that I received the right burger for me (ingredients-wise) and then took the time to sit down and ask for feedback on what I’d just consumed (it was in the soft opening phase, so feedback is crucial).  They have a good group of people running BURGERO.  Once they iron out the creases of running their first enterprise in China, I’m sure it will become a staple for burger lovers across the city.

Upstairs has comfortable seating and low tables for people that wish to stay longer, and downstairs has bar stools and high tables which is better suited for quick eats and loners.

An area that BURGERO may need to work on (besides catering to vegetarians) is their forecasting. Supply is not meeting demand. To a certain degree it comes with the turf when getting fresh buns and vegetables every day, but on a few of occasions they have simply ran out of burgers. This looks good to anybody interested in how well the business is doing, but for a burger joint to run out of stock of its core product it could leave customers unhappy.


Address: Shop 113, Yitian Road, Central Business Building, Futian District
地址: 深圳市福田区益田路中心商务大厦113A号商铺 七十一便利店侧门斜对面brothercafe旁边
Region: Futian
Metro Station: Futian 1 or Shopping Park (Exit B)
Price:  63-89 RMB
Phone: 180 3809 8690 (for delivery)
Hours: 11:00am-midnight

Review overview


The Pros

  • GREAT Value
  • Creative Burgers
  • Daily Ingredients
  • Good Team
  • Nice Patties and Buns
  • Decor

The Cons

  • Hard to Find Location
  • Too Much Sauce in Burgers


8BURGERO is for the burger connoisseur; bringing creativity and value to the Shenzhen fast food scene without foregoing quality. If I wanted a burger, it would be between a few places but BURGERO would definitely be in the mix.

Blaine Holloway
the authorBlaine Holloway
I have been sampling the good, the bad, and the ugly of food in Shenzhen since 2012.