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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Burgers To Go @ DKC Burger Club

Pound-for-pound, this is the best burger joint in SZ.

Review overview


The Pros

  • Best Value
  • Vegeburger
  • Lovely Buns
  • Great Size Burgers
  • Nice Owners

The Cons

  • Limited Menu
  • Pink Glass Tables


8.3DKC Burger Club in Futian's INTOWN Plaza epitomises the idea of fast food but with the quality that the modern burger crowd expects, and the value to match. Pound-for-pound, this is the best burger joint in SZ.


DKC Burger Club in Futian’s INTOWN Plaza epitomises the idea of fast food but with the quality that the modern burger crowd expects, and the value to match. Pound-for-pound, this is the best burger joint in SZ.

Walking by DKC Burger Club, one would be forgiven for thinking it is a bar. Its pink glass tables and neon-lit vibe is very much akin to a nightclub. But it’s actually an awesome burger bar located inside the INTOWN Plaza in Futian.


I went to DKC Burger Club at around 8pm on a Sunday. It was quiet. In fact, it was dead quiet. People were walking by and you could tell from their faces that they did not really get it, despite the big “BURGERS TO GO” neon signs. But this is a hidden gem. Over-stylized for what it is, sure, but credit where it’s due for mixing it up with a nightclub ambiance. And even more credit where it’s due for adding a two-way mirror! It adds to the seedy exterior. However, as much as I admire the aesthetic, I was not fond of the pink glass tables and bar stools. Their design does not welcome a sit longer than a few minutes, and it is slightly uncomfortable eating a burger with your legs turned to the side (the tables do not allow legs to go underneath). So, considering the time of day it did give off the look of a real alcohol-serving bar in that early lull period before trade picks up; nobody inside besides one alcoholic foreigner, which was me on this occasion.


The menu at DKC Burger Club is small. There are maybe just five or six options to choose from, and each can be bought as a meal (which means added chips and a soft drink). There’s the standard burger with bacon, a sausage burger, an oyster burger (called Shenzhen), a pineapple burger, a vegeburger (called India), and a few others. I went for the standard and the vegeburger. Let’s get it out there from the get-go; they were both delicious.

When eating a burger, I really care about sogginess. I absolutely hate it when my hands are drenched in that concoction of burger juices, oils, and dressing (usually mayonnaise). These burgers get top marks for being dry. The buns had a little too much flour on top if I’m being picky, but otherwise they were lovely. The standard burger is really tasty. There isn’t much to say about it. It’s your standard beef patty with tomato and bacon. Good grub. No complaints. Gobbled up in five or six bites. The vegeburger is a veggie patty with egg and slices of avocado on top. I’m not a regular vegeburger type, but I thought it was moreish, and I shall definitely try more vegeburgers as a result.


The burgers  at DKC Burger Club are not too big, so I knew I could order two and still have space for dessert. What they lack in size (and who says bigger is always better anyway?) they more than make up for in value. Each burger cost just 45 RMB. That’s amazing value, and is hands-down the best burger place in Shenzhen on a simply taste/price ratio. Other burgers at DKC do cost slightly more, but nothing like the overpriced level that burgers can reach in Shenzhen. On this occasion, I had two burgers for the price of one burger at other well-known burger joints/pubs (such as Blue Frog).


The staff at DKC Burger Club are really friendly. They did not have much else to do, but I appreciated their service in talking me through each option (as the menu is on a tablet and it is totally in Chinese). They even gave me a free mug, which just made the whole experience that much sweeter. The mug has “Shut up when I’m eating my burger” etched on the side, a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.

Good job, DKC. I’ll see you soon.



While DKC Burger Club does have a vegetarian option, the chips are cooked in duck fat. So for anybody allergic to meat products, better just go with the vegeburger. After a recent incident, DKC is considering removing duck fat chips from the vegeburger option. Please check before ordering if you have any dietary requirements.


Address: Shop 121, Ground Floor, INTOWN Plaza, Futian District
地址: 福田区福华三路卓越世纪中心3号楼一层121号铺
Region: Futian
Metro Station: Convention & Exhibition Center, Exit D
Price:  45-65 RMB
Phone: 13008892856
Hours: 10:30am-10pm (Sun-Thu), 10:30am-midnight (Fri & Sat)

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