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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Turkish Delight from Mevlana

Taste Authentic Turkish Dishes in Futian

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Food
  • Big portions
  • Great Service
  • Extensive Menu
  • Ferinda Beyti Kebab

The Cons

  • HQB not convenient for everyone
  • no alcohol

Turkish Delight from Mevlana

 Mevlana Turkish restaurant is one of the oldest foreign restaurants in the city, it’s been feeding its loyal customers for over 12 years, and all at the same HuaqiangBei location. It is a consistently busy establishment with customers coming back again and again.  This restaurant prides itself on being authentic Turkish cuisine, and it does so by using true ingredients appropriate to the dishes and by having a Turkish chef.

Located a short hop from HQB metro station, this is quite easy to find on what can be a busy area.  The welcoming was warm and friendly, and it is among some of the best services I’ve received in the city. The décor is spacious and elegant, with ample seating both downstairs and upstairs.  This venue can comfortably seat over 100 people. It is clean, comfortable and makes you want to sit back, relax and tuck in.

The menu is extensive with possibly too many options available.  There’s Turkish food, some Italian food, and even some Chinese food.  This is done to provide options for all tastes and palates not just those seating a Turkish style meal

Authentic Food


The bread is warm and soft, it’s made fresh every day, and this shows through.  You’d expect this to be so at any decent restaurant and it is.  10RMB is good value for this size.  This is a good dish to have with the soup.  Its thick, packed with flavor and perfectly seasoned.  You can have lentil or mushroom and at 22/25 RMB respectively its again great value, a common theme of this restaurant.

Fresh Bread

The mixed salad (58RMB) was very very fresh.  You can choose any 4 items from hummus and yogurt, to red cabbage and olives.  It’s up to you.  The hummus was especially good, made fresh on site ever 1/2 days, you won’t find any store-bought ones here. The plate is big so this salad is guaranteed to be a bumper size.

Mixed salad. Choose any 4 items


These were the stars of the show.  An absolute treat!  The oven cooked lamb leg with rice was divine.  The lamb was so soft and so tender it peeled off the bone like butter. Sensational! Half cooked in the morning, this only requires another 20 mins cooking upon ordering.  It’s juicy and packed with flavour.  The rice portion is massive and this dish can easily feed 2 people.  78 RMB is a great price for such a large plate of delicious food.

Lamb leg with rice. Great portion size

Next was my favourite of the lot.  Firinda Beyti Kebab. Its doner kebab meat, with cheese, wrapped in bread and cooked in an oven.  Meat, cheese, and bread, what more do you need?  This is again a big portion and 1 person will struggle to finish this alone. I found it to be very moreish, you eat one you have to have more!  I highly recommend you order this.

Meat, cheese, and bread. Only 85 RMB


Turkish rice pudding (25RMB)  This is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, almost selling out each day.  Turkey is famous for its wide selection of milk-based desserts and puddings, and baked rice pudding is the cream of the crop. It holds a very special place in Turkish cuisine—you’ll find that it’s made in every home and served in every Turkish restaurant.  The trick to making this is lots of slow cooking and stirring.  Its chilled several hours before serving.  It was gooey and just the right sweetness.  Great way to end the meal.

Best selling rice pudding

Large selection of ice cream is also available. (15RMB per scoop) There’s an abundance of choices and what you choose is up to you.


Turkish black tea is a nice choice. It’s a relaxing pleasing drink and is a good accompaniment to a large meal. The ayran was delicious. A yogurt-based drink, its cool, thick, creamy and fresh.  You order one of these it won’t last long, it’ll be gone. If you’ve ever had a lassi at an Indian restaurant it is similar but the ayran is thicker and creamier.

No alcohol is served here for religious reasons.

This is a must visit restaurant in SZ.  The food, price, and service are all top notch, and its survived for 12 years for a reason.  You should go there and see what that reason is.  You won’t regret it

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