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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Is Plus Potatoes Really Best in Shenzhen?

Potatoes Plus Brings New Concept Foods to Shenzhen

Review overview


The Pros

  • Fantastic value
  • good portion size
  • customer service
  • taste
  • location great if in Shekou

The Cons

  • limited seating
  • needs more vegetarian options
  • location bad if in other parts of SZ

Baked Potatoes in Shenzhen.  What a Plus

Humble baked potatoes.  One of the simplest of all dishes to prepare but far from a boring one. The baked potato has been gracing our dinner tables since the 19th century, but (at least to my knowledge) there’s been no specialist in this area in SZ, at least up until now.

Plus Potatoes Entrance

Originally having a small store in ING market, and located in the Xili University campus canteen before that, Plus Potatoes has found a new home in Shekou. Opened for less than 4 weeks, this place is already making waves in the local F&B community.  Quickly becoming popular with local expats, students and community residents alike, Plus Potatoes should be on your list of places to eat at.

Plus Potatoes Story

Already a successful restauranteur in Malaysia, Andrew the owner, wanted to bring the baked potato to China to showcase a new style of culinary cuisine never seen before by the locals.  Immensely knowledgeable and passionate about his product, Andrew is bringing contemporary Malaysian twists to a classic dish.  Fusion made in heaven.  The customer service and attention to detail he brings is second to none, and he really is the face of the product.

It’s a small location, but its easy enough to find.  A stone throw away from its previous location at ING Market and Shuiwan MTR station.  The sign and advertising make it easy to spot on a busy street, and it looks clean and inviting to enter.  You may even see Andrew himself at the front welcoming people in.   It’s a clean menu, with enough choice to tick all the boxes, but without over-complicating the process.  After all the star of the show should be the potato.  The value for money is excellent, with the most expensive baked potato being 22 RMB, which is next to nothing in SZ food and drink industry. For those who don’t fancy indulging in the potato, there are also burritos and baked rice dishes on the menu too.  Options available for all.

The Food

The cheese baked rice with chili shrimp (22RMB) was gooey and oozing with cheese.  Containing cheddar and mozzarella cheese it should satiate the cheese lover in you.  A generous portion of shrimp provides a texture balance and the pineapple is a Malaysian surprise twist that enhances the flavor combinations.  The chili has a bit of a punch but not too spicy and it offset by the pineapple.  Nice portion size for 1.

Curry beef baked potato (20 RMB).  Locally sourced potatoes, this is a perfect size to eat.  Cooked for 1 hour, it has got the fluffy white potato on the inside and crispy skin on the outside, exactly what a baked potato should be.  Again another generous topping of curry beef makes this the perfect size bite to eat.  Nice textures with the chili beef and the pineapple compliments the soft fluffy texture of the potato.

Double cheese bacon baked potato (22RMB).  Another big sized potato covered in cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese.  Gooey sticky cheesy goodness. Salty bacon offsets the mild potato flavour nicely and this really is a classic potato combination.  This packs a punch and is the star item on the menu in my opinion.  Tremendous taste, tremendous value

Super Burrito (22 RMB) My least favourite of the dishes.  It’s not a bad burrito but doesn’t quite reach the high standards of the potatoes.  Its big and again presents excellent value for money, something Plus Potatoes really offers in abundance.  Topped with cheese, the insides stuffed with beef fried in egg (like an omelet) and crunchy green vegetables.  The taste was good but thought it was a little dry.

Each item ordered comes with a handsome tart.  It’s a savory, crumbly tart with various fillings including egg mayonnaise, tuna mayo, and chili beef.  The tart is really filled the bring and it’s a nice way to finish your meal.  The pastry is really crumbly in your mouth and the soft filling counterbalances this crumbliness. Even though this comes free with each purchase, the quality and taste of these tarts remain the same as the rest of the menu.  This is a core value of Plus Potatoes.

Want to try?

Plus potatoes are available for dine-in  Monday to Saturday at  11:00-21:30.  Closed on Sunday and can be ordered online through Shenzhen Eat or Meituan.

The address is  – 183-1 ZhaoShang Road, Shekou

For more information about Shenzhen as a whole please visit my personal blog  http://www.wanderlustwelshman.com

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