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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Bollywood Indian comes to Nanshan

Bollywood comes to Houhai

Palak Paneer by Bollywood in Nanshan, ShenzhenPalak Paneer by Bollywood in Nanshan, Shenzhen

Review overview


The Pros

  • great service
  • convenient location
  • flavourful taste

The Cons

  • No atmosphere
  • limited seating


In the UK we would describe this as a curry house, it basically means an Indian restaurant, because the main dishes on the menu will be varieties of curries. It’s a popular thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night, and takeaway is an especially common thing to do. Now there are no shortages of Indian restaurants in the city, quite the opposite actually with numerous culinary choices from the whole breadth and length of India.

Bollywood Indian Restaurant is Now located in Nanshan

Bollywood Indian Restaurant is Now located in Nanshan


Bollywood is a well-known Indian restaurant that has long been popular with expats and locals like in Shenzhen. In fact many of you reading this may well have been there before to their Futian or Luoho location. Recently a new branch opened at Coastal City in Houhai. I paid a visit to check it out. Upon arrival I was warmly greeted and promptly seated. It was ¾ full and had a lot of lively conversation going on, a good sign I thought. The menu is quite large and extensive, with lots of starts, mains and side dishes.

It’s the same menu as their other branches, and to be fair very similar to most other Indian restaurants you’ll find in Shenzhen. The floor manager answered my questions about what’s in some of the dishes and he was articulate and informative, very impressive.

The Side Dishes

The Lassii immediately caught my eye as I’ve had this in the past and I’m a big fan. And this did not disappoint. Lassi is a popular traditional dahi -based drink that originated in the Indian subcontinent. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. Sweet, creamy and cold this went down a treat and it didn’t last long. My gluttonous side came out. This is a delicious drink. Highly recommended. 30 RMB

Delicious sweet Lassi

The cheese naan bread was simply sensational! Oozing with cheese, and a bit oily (as it should be) this was the star of the meal. In fact it was the best bread side dish I’ve ever had. Eating it alone, or dipping it in the curry, this is sumptuous and delicious. It was a generous portions too of 4 pieces, perfect for sharing, or perfect for indulging yourself. At 28 RMB it is very reasonably priced and presents good value for money.

Naan by Bollywood in NanshanNaan by Bollywood in Nanshan


With so many choices, on the menu it can be difficult to know what to choose. Meat, fish or even vegetarian choices, the selections are ample. Luckily the menu had pictures which helped me to make a decision. I choose the Palak Paneer due to its eye-catching intense green colour, and of course my love for spinach. Palak paneer is one of North India’s most popular dish, well for that matter anything that has paneer in it is a hit in India. If you go to Indian restaurants you will probably find 3-4 varieties of paneer on the menu, without doubt paneer is India’s most fancy ‘vegetable’.

Paneer is cottage cheese which is made by curdling the milk, draining the liquid and then letting the cheese set by putting weight on it for 3-4 hours. First glance this looked a small portion, but actually it is deeper than it looks and is quite filling. Large and generous chunks of cheese. While not the best version of this dish I’ve had in SZ, (that accolade belongs to Indian Spice) it was very good. A good spice level but not too much compliments the other composites of the dish very well. The colour was a vivid green and it had a good depth of flavor and texture. I would recommend this dish also to friends. And at 58 RMB I again think this represents good value for money.

Palak Paneer by Bollywood in Nanshan, ShenzhenPalak Paneer by Bollywood in Nanshan, Shenzhen


The only problem with my experience here was the atmosphere, or lack of. Due to the small size of the dining area, there is really no ambience or atmosphere. The tables are very close together, and I could hear every word from the different conversations around me. No privacy and a loud background noise from the other guests really put a dampener on the meal. So if you want a quiet chat, a relaxing meal or a romantic dinner this is not the place for you. That really is the only negative, but unfortunately it is a big one.

Location Houhai Metro exit E1.

Above Artisans restaurant

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