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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Chef Corner

Chef Rosetta | Head Chef of VO Bistro

Chef Rosetta is originally from Zhan Jiang where she had developed a passion for cooking since the age of seven years old.  Her dad uses to have a restaurant so she got a lot of influence from her dad as well as the opportunity to try different foods. This gave her a chance to build up her pallet and learn about food culture at a young age. She would later go to the U.K to study and learned about the food culture in Europe. She cooked a lot at home in the UK and brought back her experience to China where she worked as a cook in the Ritz Carlton and then became a consultant for many restaurants as a developing chef. Before heading off the V.O Bistro in Oct Loft.

Traditional Chefs need me to teach them how to break out of tradition, but they hate me for going against the old ways – Rosetta

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