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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Baia Da Marco Pizza Review

Great Quality Pizza and Amazing Service

Pepperoni and Cheese Split Pizza by Baia Da MarcoPepperoni and Cheese Split Pizza by Baia Da Marco

Review overview

Overal Taste8.2

The Pros

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Fresh Dough
  • Great Service
  • Great Atmosphere


8.7Overall, I loved the flavor of the pizza despite it being a thinner crust then i'm used to. The service was above and beyond and I couldn't complain about any of the dishes.


Shenzhen has become a great hub for western style dishes including pizza. Not even five years ago it was hard to find an American or Italian pizzeria in all of Shenzhen. Today, there are many places offering their own styles of pizza and the list changes almost every year. In our top 5 – we are constantly trying new spots to make sure we can give you our top takes on where to go and what to shy away from.

One such place that hit me by surprise was Baia da Marco. If you know the Baia name, they have been offering pizza in the Shekou area since the beginning of the Baia restaurant chain in 2013.

One of the best places to buy Gnocci in Shenzhen
One of the best places to buy Gnocci in Shenzhen

That said, the owners of Baia wanted to cater to more than the fine dining crowd so other spots began coming up such as Baia Burger and Baia Da Marco.

I have seen across social media (mainly Wechat) the amazing pasta and pizza are coming out of the new Baia Da Marco so I set out to try it myself. Baia Da Marco is literally managed by a guy named Marco (hence the name) but made to be a daughter of the already loved Baia restaurant. Marco has been in Shenzhen for nine years and has been working in the restaurant industry almost just as long – so it was a good fit for him to manage the new Baia Da Marco brand in Rose Garden.

Baia De Marco


Baia is not a place you will go to every day since it’s a bit costly, so Baia Da Marco was opened up in a more casual part of Shekou to offer a more affordable place where people could enjoy the same dishes for a lesser cost. Personally, when I came into Baia Da Marco, I felt like it was still a fine dining experience due to the quality of the tableware and the service quality. So you can still call it a fine dining experience without the fine dining cost (win-win for me).

Baia da Marco Located in Rose Garden Shekou
Baia da Marco Located in Rose Garden Shekou

My first time at Baia, I was really happy about the kind of service that they offered. The management team there; I am sure, are the reason for the success. Not only do you get great foods, but you feel like your making friends along the way. I would always recommend Baia as one of my favorite fine dining spots in Shekou.

That said, you will still pay a bit more for the pasta and pizza at Baia Da Marco then a lot of the competition but the quality of the food and ingredients are on a different level in many cases. Still, the owners know that people will gladly pay a bit extra for the fresh and imported ingredients and bread. All of the bread and dough at Baia Da Marco is authentic and most are imported to give a good quality and authentic experience.

So to wrap things up, the main point of Baia Da Marco is to build on what they have already achieved service and food wise and to pour it into a more affordable and casual experience.




I came here to focus on the pizza but checking out the menu, it was hard to leave without trying a few other things. The menu here will run about 58-80rmb per item on average. If you’re going with someone your probably going to leave with a ticket around 150RMB on average which is great for what you will get and about average price you will pay in most places once you get a pizza, salad, drinks etc. The menu is a lot less then what you will see at Baia in Seaworld but it contains all of the favorite pizzas and pasta that you can’t really find in supermarkets made daily by hand.

Tarimasu by Baia Da Marco
Tarimasu by Baia Da Marco




Baia Da Marco Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza
Baia Da Marco Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza



I am normally not a fan of a thinner crust pizza so when the pizza came out (pepperoni) I was already on the edge. I know some of you reading this are already offended if you love the thinner style so just bear with me here. Although I am “normally” not a fan of the thinner crust, they were the first place to totally win me over on their style of pizza.   The sauce was awesome and I hate to say this but the dough was great as well – thin and all. I love the fact that the owner’s dad makes all the dough and bread daily for the restaurants check him out in the video below.

The crust has a bit of love put into it – coming from a mother yeast and made from an imported flour. Even the water used to make the dough is filtered and thought out. Once the dough is made, it is put in a 12-hour fermentation. The power of a mother yeast is crucial in the flavor of pizza dough in my opinion. It gives it a great sourdough flavor and a great aroma.



The pizza sauce is made from Italian canned tomatoes. It’s cold mixed with their seasoning choice to stay fresh. Most Italian pizzerias will keep the sauce very basic to focus on the flavor of the tomatoes so I expected this much from Baia. Even so, other Italian Pizzerias will still cook their sauce with other ingredients, which is fine but gives room to inconsistencies.


Altogether I was extremely happy with the flavor of the pizza and the quality of the ingredients. Angelo and the Baia team knows that as long as they keep the quality high and stand behind their product, people will return. That said, Baia is one of the very few success stories in the Shenzhen area with now four branches in different parts of the city.

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