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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Maricachi Bowls Introduces New Mexican Concept to Shenzhen

Mexican Taco Bowls now in Shenzhen China

Review overview

Taco Bowls8

The Pros

  • good location if in Bao'an
  • big portions
  • friendly service
  • lots of meat
  • value for money

The Cons

  • bad location if you dont live in Bao'an
  • no takeaway
  • quiet on weekdays
  • more cheese needed on nachos
  • no bathroom

Mariachi Bowls.  Bowling over the competition in Bao’an

The Mexican restaurant explosion in Shenzhen continues with the brand new concept restaurant that is Mariachi Bowls. having only been open for a few weeks, it is starting to makes waves both in Bao’an and the larger SZ community.  Now walking to this restaurant, you could easily think you were in the wrong location, with a line of Chinese restaurants, Korean and Japanese ones too this might strike you as an odd location for a ‘new concept’ restaurant.  However, this is exactly why this location was chosen.

Look for the sign


The owner Eddie wanted to bring Mexcian food to the local community. He felt why should people travel far if they want a taste of Mexico.  That is a nice idea but for someone like me who lives out of Bao’an coming to this area is not something I would do too often.

The concept is to share Mexican culture with every customer who comes here

Culture and sharing are the main themes of this restaurant, from big portions for 2 people to the Mexican paraphernalia on the walls, you are sure to learn and share a Mexican experience if you come here.  It’s an intimate seating area inside, a bit of a fast food feel actually. Outside has a small seating area and you can people watch.

Mexican feel

Taco bowls

The Mariachi Bowls or Taco Bowls are authentic Mexican cuisine with a USA twist.  What is a taco bowl I hear you ask?  Well as you can see from the picture, its basically a bowl shape taco filled to the absolute top with delicious food.  The idea is like you would share an ice cream from a big wafer bowl, so why not share a taco too?  Each bowl is named after a famous song and so each one tells a different theme or story, new experience for each one.

Taste test

El Ultimo Beso (40RMB) taco bowl.  8-inch tortilla, fried beans, peppers, onion, tomato and chicken breast.  Big portion, the crunch of the shell and the tenderness of the meat make for an interesting texture contrast.  There is a LOT of meat here too.  That’s always a bonus. I felt it was a bit spicy but my colleague disagreed, and the owner and chef also think it’s not spicy. So it must just be me. And I felt too many mushrooms.

El Ultimo Beso

El Rey Taco (38RMB) bowl. lettuce, beans, pepper, beef, guacamole, and tortilla shell.  This one much more to my liking.  Fantastic freshly made guacamole.  Lots of beef, crunchy lettuce.  This dish didn’t last long, we really ate it quickly.   The portions are big, definitely a sharing dish, although some people could prob finish 1 alone.  The appearance kinda is like a giant ice cream cone.  This all fits together with his theme of sharing.

El Rey

Nachos with meat(45RMB).  A very big portion, the plate was like a nacho mountain. Crisp and crunchy, these had a good bite. Covered in bean paste this gave it a kick in the mouth of flavor.  If you like jalapeño ( I don’t) then you’ll be happy because there are many of them.  One of the twists here is that the nachos have mozzarella cheese underneath the mountains of other stuff.  If you’re expecting humps of cheese on top you’ll be disappointed. The guacamole and salsa add extra dimensions of flavour.

Huge portion of nachos with meat

Doing it right

There a lot of good things being done here, already in its short time.  The vegetables, salsa, guacamole etc are all freshly made each day.  The meat portions are very generous, there’s no cost cutting here.  The portions are also generous enough for 2 people in my opinion.   Tacos use a soft shell, none of this Tex-Mex hard shell taco malarky. Nice outside seating area and live music on Saturday nights make this a place you need to visit. The menu will get bigger in the future, bringing even more authentic Mexican feel to SZ.  And keep an eye on the name Mariachi Bowls, the owner wants to expand and expand big.


Opening hours ae 11.30am – 23:00pm.  Location can be found on the picture below.


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