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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Affordable Wines Delivered Nationwide by League of Masters

League of Masters Review by Jay


Mainland China has been bamboozled with wine sellers over the years, and in all honesty, most are not worth the corks they’re bottled with. Thankfully consumers, over the years, have gained both appreciation and knowledge about the beauty of good wines, and many of the low-grade sellers have been ousted from the marketplace. Whereas before we were trying to find that needle in a Merlot-coloured haystack, now we are spoiled with quality wine, albeit at prices that often make many an Italian uncle turn in their grave.

Merlot by the League of Masters
Merlot by the League of Masters

Running the gauntlet of sifting the good deals from the overpriced plonk is no easy task, and oftentimes we find one solid, trustworthy supplier we continually return to, knowing whatever we buy will bring a smile to our burgundy flavoured lips. This is where the League of Masters comes in.

Founder Eric Lau

Large Choice of Wines by League of Masters

Eric Lau didn’t enter the wine business from a financial standpoint, he came into the fold as a wine lover. His friends trusted his acute palette, and his earlier life experience and resources from overseas, and was given the position of buying group purchases from lands afar. This gained momentum, and now further down the line, Eric’s gift for wine appreciation has evolved into the League of Masters.

This is a company solely focused on not only people as opposed to “customers,” but also to the planet. The League of Masters supplies only organic wine. Anything labeled “organic” has been unfortunately been transformed into an untrusted piece of scribble on a cheap label, thanks to the influx of unreputable growers, makers, sellers and dealers of anything that can add a few more kuai to something you stuff in your mouth. But, refreshingly, the League of Masters are incredibly stringent about their wares, meaning you get what you pay for. You actually get true Organic.

Organic Wines Worth the Occasion

Being hopelessly in love with wine for many years, sampling the liquid nectar from the League of Masters was an absolutely joyous way to spend a holiday afternoon. Fantastic conversation, amusing anecdotes, stories from days, years and longer passed, plus fantastic wine from the soils of sun-drenched vineyards.

Anything this pleasing, with the added suckerpunch of “organic,” usually means a bottle of red only for special occasions. But, this is where the nice surprise comes in. The League of Masters wine is priced extremely competitively, with their main price points between 100-400rmb per bottle. Take a trip to your local import store or supermarket, and see what you can get for the same price. Trust me, you’ll be selling yourself short. Of course, you can dip deeper into your pockets for something rather special, but there’s something for every wine lover without needing to smash the piggy bank.

Why Choose the League of Masters?

I came to the League of Masters workshop studio expecting to leave with a very lackluster taste in my mouth. After all, why would just another wine seller stand out from any other? But, I left with an absolute appreciation and understanding that there’s a bit of a wine revolution starting to ferment here in China, and people like Eric are fighting the good fight. Eric doesn’t front a big company focusing on profit margins, monthly targets, promotions, and minimum order quantities. He focuses on people and this is an extremely strong business acumen. Talk to the guy and you’ll find out for yourself.

I asked Eric why, over all the myriad of others, people should choose the League of Masters over the baffling choice of other wine dealers. His response was close to poetic and shows his unequivocal appreciation and passion for his chosen path of life. These are the words of a true wine lover.

“A good bottle of wine is a book that speaks to your palate. It is “History.” It is a record of the weather of a particular year, the sunshine, rainfall, and temperature. It is “Geography.” It gives you a picture of its home, the soils, the other plants, and species. They play a similar role as other kids would in a childhood neighborhood. It is a “family book”, and the winemakers are the parents who decide what kind of family rules and education to be implemented. This, in fact, is the mode of the child’s character. Our wines are lives, all having their own characters and stories.”


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