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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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A Quality Experience Overall

Review overview

Overall Flavor9

The Pros

  • Excellent patties
  • Romantic ambiance
  • Central Location

The Cons

  • Steep prices
  • Small portions

Mash’s New Location

Tucked in the back of the walking street at Mix-C mall, MASH’s new Nanshan location is in partnership with Mokihi, a high-end cocktail and whisky bar. While there’s no MASH signage on the outside of the building, enter and you’ll see MASH’s logo emblazoned on the wall inside along with a small window into the kitchen.

The vibe when I walked in was nice and cozy thanks to the dim lights, real candles, wood interior and smooth jazz soundtrack. The servers were immediately attentive and offered to store my electric scooter outside at the hostess stand. Our order was taken promptly and, since the restaurant wasn’t too busy, our food arrived fast.

Quality Over Quantity

Upon first look, an important thing to note is that MASH’s burgers are not huge. If you’re coming hungry, be prepared to order a side or two. The emphasis at MASH is on quality over quantity, and they’re thankfully able to deliver.

The Farmboy

MASH’s basic cheeseburger, the Farm Boy (88RMB), features a hearty, generously seasoned patty with a nice red center – a rarity in Shenzhen (pun intended). The chewy, juicy patty is almost reminiscent of biting into a steak, and a strong black pepper flavor really shines through. Complimented with the tang from the real cheddar cheese and the fluffy bun, this burger knocks it out of the park.

Mash's Farmboy Burger
Mash’s Farmboy Burger


A lovely bonus is that the bun never got greasy or soggy (my biggest gourmet burger pet peeve), making this a date-friendly option. While this is a great basic burger, the cheese is definitely not the star of the show. Cheese fanatics may want to check out the appropriately named Cheesy Easy (128RMB) instead.

Taco Cheesy Fries

We paired the burger with some taco cheesy fries (65RMB), which are topped with salsa and short ribs. While this is not a traditional Mexican dish by any stretch of the imagination, it is a tasty twist on your standard order of fries. The ribs are tender, the IPA-infused salsa adds a nice flavor and the fries themselves are pleasantly crispy, if not mind-blowing. Worth an order if you’re looking for a complete meal, and it can be shared comfortably between two people.

Overall, this is a great place for a romantic date or a special occasion. The prices are steep, but the food and ambiance are worth the occasional splurge. A nice addition to the growing list of foreign eateries in central Nanshan.

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Nathaniel Johnson has been an active food writer for over 10 years and have written for many publications in many counties.