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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Lunch special at Angelo’s Italian

Antonio's Italian in Shenzhen, China

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great service
  • 5 dishes
  • nice location to walk around
  • sausages

The Cons

  • drink choice (tonic water)
  • no atmosphere

Angelo’s a taste of Italy for lunch

Trattoria Italiana Da Angelo, or simply Angelo’s is located at OCT BAY. Under the same ownership as the very popular restaurant Braceria Pugliese, its one of the mainstays of the always changing Italian restaurant scene in SZ.  Please note this review is based on the lunch special available through Dianping APP, not on the whole menu.

Ample dining

Angelo’s is very large with tons of seating both inside and outside. We were promptly greeted and sat down in a comfortable seat near the window.  The décor is very tasteful and is fitting with an Italian style establishment.  With some statues and ceiling decorations, well-presented tables and good lighting this was an impressive entrance.  However, sadly we were the only guests dining at lunchtime on a Friday.  So, the atmosphere was non-existent.

The lunch deal is pretty set, only allowing a choice of which main you’d like.   The soup is to start, choice of mushroom, pumpkin or minestrone.  The mushroom was thick and creamy and a strong mushroom taste.  The minestrone, while flavourful was a bit runny for my taste. This is accompanied by freshly made bread.  Caesar salad was next, and not much to say about this as it’s not the most exciting of salads.  It was fresh and was generous with the parmesan cheese, but it’s a pretty simple salad, I expected them to do it well and they did.  Chicken wings followed.  Now while these tasted better than you’d get in McDonald’s or La Cesar, it’s not really in keeping with an Italian menu in my opinion and was a bit of a strange addition. The drinks are tonic water, nothing to say about that.

Caesar Salad. Lots of cheese

The star was undoubtedly the mains.  The mushroom risotto is packed full of flavor and punches your mouth with every taste, this is heaven for any mushroom lover.  It’s a perfect consistency, not too thick and it’s a huge portion, very generous indeed. It’s an easy dish to cook badly but Angelo’s did well.  The 2nd main was Sausage, mash, and asparagus.  This was the star of the day.  The sausages are handmade and not bought in.  As soon as eats it, you can tell its freshly made.  Great taste, nice chili kick, thick and juicy. A real star surprise find. The pureed mash was smooth as silk and the asparagus was crunchy.

Mushroom Risotto
Fantastic handmade sausages

Gelato to finish

The dessert was ice cream.  1 scoop vanilla 1 scoop strawberry.  This was a good end to the meal as it’s not heavy and we were very full.  It was soft and sweet, but not overly so.  Not the best ice cream I’ve had in SZ but was good.

All in all, I think it was a great value for both the quality and quantity of the meal.

198 RMB for a 2-person lunch set, available through Dianping

Address 8 Baichi Road, OCT Bay, Nanshan

Metro Shenzhen bay park station exit E

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