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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Stay Real Cafe

Rocking the coffee scene

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Coffee
  • Great Interior
  • Good Atmosphere
  • Alright Location

The Cons

  • Basement location
  • price
  • limited seating

Rocking the coffee scene


Stay real cafe

Stay Real Cafe is a coffee shop and clothing store set up by the famous Taiwanese rock band May Day, and from the outside has a glossy appearance, but is it style over substance?  Firstly the clothing store and the café are in separate spaces, so you don’t have to browse clothes while you sip on your latte, but the two sides of the business seem to be inextricably linked, coffee and fashion so often go hand in hand after all.

Relaxed vibe

This small corner café is hidden away in the underground floor of the Nanshan MixC mall, and if you didn’t know it was here, you would most likely walk past it. What pulled me inside was the alluring sense of interior design, I just wanted to look around it was so cool!  And then when I saw that they sold coffee too well it was a winner for me. The theme of industrial design, which is so prevalent in todays f&b community is intermingled with art on the walls and little knick knacks you can buy.

Taste Test

Now while it is not the cheapest coffee around, with prices of 38RMB for a latte, but boy is it good, in fact I would say delicious, not a word I use for coffee very often. Its got a rich body, strong aroma and a mellow taste.  Its prob my favourite latte in SZ, and the mug size is big so I feel it is still not bad value for money.  Good coffee after all is a premium in SZ and seems more often or not to break the bank. the rose flavour latte 38RMB is bright and aromatic and the Caffè Mocha ( 36RMB) is a combination of rich, full-bodied espresso with bittersweet mocha sauce and steamed milk, then topped off with sweetened whipped cream.

Caffe Mocha
Caffe Mocha

Cafe Latte and Rose LatteLike most modern coffee shops these days, there is an array of interesting and funky drinks on offer to those who wanted something just a bit different. These include the ‘childhood malt milk coffee’ its difficult to describe this taste, only saying you’ll either like it or you wont.  With a sweet, sugary topping and malty body it really is a flavour all of its own.  It reminds one of Horlicks, a popular night time drink in the UK.  The marshmallow coffee is not really to my taste, because I dont like my coffee too sweet, but if you have a sweet tooth this is for you.

Malt Milk Coffee
Marshmellow Latte

The shopping mall provides the wifi at a speed of 7.8 MbPS

Location Nanshan MixC mall.  Level B1

joe macpherson
the authorjoe macpherson
These are my honest and unbiased opinions. Love all things food and drink. Been in SZ 3 years and want to help others who love food but cant decide where to eat.