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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Venice Raytour Hotel (Pizza Review)


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I have to say that my favorite pizza place in all of Shenzhen for Italian style pizza was not a pizzeria but at a hotel at Windows of the World. My first time trying the pizza was at blue and I was blown away – mainly due to the amazing flavor and aroma of the crust. I have not really tried their pizza int eh last year until now but still stayed a fan of the Venice Raytour Hotel’s pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza

So here is the rundown: Venice Raytour Hotel’s pizza is made by two chefs: the hotel’s pastry chef Haron. Haron has been a pastry chef for 4-5 years and working in the kitchen for over ten years. He has been dishing out pastries at the Venice hotel for over one year and is responsible for all of the pastries at the Raytour Hotel including the pizza.


The dough from their pizza is made from a mixture of two types of flour. One thing that didn’t seem right to me was the fact that the pizza dough is only fermented at room temperature for 3-4 hours. Normally a good pizza dough should at least ferment for 24 hours which totally helps the flavor. The only way to get around this is to have a mother yeast which adds a high fermented foundation to the pizza dough thus removing the need for a long fermentation. The mother yeast that they are using is almost a year old. If you know your bread well, you will notice that the greatest bakeries around the world have a mother yeast that can be over 40 or 50 years in the making.

Venice Raytour Hotel’s Interior


Once the pizza dough is created it is handed off to the hotel’s Su Chef Daniel Xin. Daniel has been a chef for over 12 years and has been with the Venice Raytour Hotel for over two years. He comes with six years of experience in making pizza and handles the sauce, cheesed toppings.

When judging pizza, I (and other Shenzhen Reviewers) judge the dough, sauce, and cheese alone. This way, we are only judging the foundation of the pizza and the time the chef puts into that foundation.

That said, I was surprised that the cheese used here was different then what I am used to seeing which is typically an American or Italian mozzarella (if you want a good cheese with a personality). Other local cheeses found here tend to turn into plastic shortly after cooling down. The pizza here is using a french mozzarella which has a slightly different taste then what I am used to but still had a strong flavor. I would say that overall, I loved the fact that they are using this cheese since it adds another layer of flavor. The sauce is blended fresh and cold using Victoria tomatoes imported from Italy and has a very subtle taste but still comes out in the pizza.

Venice Hotel’s Pizza uses French Mozzarella


Altogether, if I have to judge this pizza I would say that it is not the same as I had before. The pizza dough could be better and fermented longer. As far as the sauce and the cheese is concerned, I feel like the sauce is great – the only issue is the pizza needs more of it. The French mozzarella had a great flavor and really elevated the overall taste. I think the sauce and the cheese saved the pizza in this situation.

Place Address (English/Pinyin):

9026 Shennan Road,Overseas Chinese Town, 518053,Shenzhen,P.R.China


The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen ‘s Website

Place Phone:  +86 755 2693 6888

Email:  szvenice.rsvn@raytourhotels.com

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