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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Vegetarian Fine Dining in OCT Loft by B-Park

A classy and memorial dining experience

B-Park is a vegetarian friendly restaurant located in OCT LoftB-Park is a vegetarian friendly restaurant located in OCT Loft


OCT is growing into a unique combination of concept restaurants, bars, cafes, and galleries. Usually, you can spend an evening strolling from gallery to cafe or you can take a visit to B-Park and get all of this in one location.

B-Park is a unique establishment that includes art galleries, bars, cafes and elegant dining in one location. This brand has been in the OCT area for two years and was started by its owner Mr. Yang. With his love of art, Mr. Yang decided to mix in art into an everyday lifestyle so that people who would enjoy dining, drinking or leisure in their library would have an opportunity to view works of art showcased around B-park. The owner himself also has an interior design company called PleasantHouse and it shows in the unique design of each room in B-Park.

B-Park Terrace
B-Park Terrace


I loved the atmosphere in each of the B-Park rooms. If you come in from the main entrance, you can step into the restaurant run by its four unique cuisine chefs. The atmosphere is very romantic with a round open cafe (coffee bar) and an open kitchen shrouded behind a orange stained glass.

B-Park Restaurant Interior
B-Park Restaurant Interior


The Dishes in their main restaurant have a foundation of Chaozhou style dishes with Italian and Japanese influenced dishes as well. The vegetarian chef, Andy, has been cooking for twenty years and started cooking here in Shenzhen. His hometown is a city called Maoming where he was raised but his cooking talent took off in Shenzhen.  If you check out the dinner/lunch menu, there are vegetarian set lunches and dinners from 99RMB that include bread, starters, main course, and drinks. Its also good to note there is a Japanese chef Guo from Hong Kong as well as an Italian chef Robben.


The first dish I tried from their menu was the Avocado Quinoa Bowl with Black Truffle. I got the privilege to follow the chef into the ditch and to watch him prepare this dish. It was made from quinoa, shiitake mushrooms, red rice and other mixtures of grains (9 types). Each grain is separated and steamed until they are cooked. Then, they are mixed before being fried in white truffle oil. This dish was extremely fresh and flavorful and I loved how it was covered in avocado since that’s my favorite addition to any salad.

Quinoa salad with Black Truffle by B-Park
Quinoa salad with Black Truffle by B-Park

“The white truffle oil and black truffle work together to bring out more flavor.” – Chef Andy

Another dish that I almost mistook as a chicken dish was the Xiadong Tofu.  This is a dish that comes from Maoming is and created using traditional tofu cookware. It was simply strips of tofu, seasoned very well and grilled. It was served with cilantro and also had a great taste despite my pre-conceived idea of how it would taste. It was a delicious dish that I couldn’t stop picking at while doing this interview. If you are a vegetarian – tofu may be a food protein source for you and this dish is a must try if you find yourself by B-park.

Xiadong Tofu by B-Park
Xiadong Tofu by B-Park

The last salad was a wheatgrass salad made from quinoa, lettuce, wheatgrass, avocado, mango, couscous, black beans, Japanese cereal, pine nuts, and avocado. It’s then mixed with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil blend. this salad was also very fresh and the head chef Andy was glad to discuss the health benefits of this dish and his passion to push a more healthy lifestyle with his cooking.


If you are reading this and are NOT vegetarian or possibly you are a seafood vegetarian, there is a great part of their menu with steaks, Italian and Japanese creations by their other chefs. I tried their Seafood Pasta created by their Italian chef Robben. I would say this is a great pasta that was more like a seafood linguine. The sauce was made from a tomato base blended with lobster broth and chilis. It was quite spicy but had a very rich flavor. If you used to more of a western style linguine, this may hit you as a bit spicy as that’s the local twist that is apparent in this dish. It had a hearty amount of scallops, prawns, mussels, and cuttlefish.

Seafood Pasta by B-Park
Seafood Pasta by B-Park

I also tried the Shrimp Tempura which came out in a beautiful dish with matcha-salt and tempura sauce. It was done perfectly – hats off to the chef.

Shrimp Tempura by B-Park

A few doors down from the restaurant is a huge library that is part of B-Park with an open art gallery and a whiskey bar dishing out cocktails to its guests. In this library, every book is for sale and guests can relax while enjoying wine, cocktails, craft beers, coffee, tea and/or soft drinks.

Whiskey Bar, Library, and Gallery at B-Park

I did not get a chance to try other dishes outside of the vegetarian ones, but I did notice quite a few steak and meat dishes available on the menu and will report back concerning these items throughout the year.

Xiangshan East Street | Shop 101 Building B1, North Section, OCT Culture Creative ZoneShenzhen, China

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