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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Artisans’ New Menu Items

"Hidden Valley" Pizza and BBQ Wings



Artisans is still at the top of our pizza list and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that Quinton, the owner constantly is elevating his crust, sauce and other recipes to provide an overall better experience.

When I initially ranked Artisans at #2 on our list, it was pretty awesome to see the elevation happen with their crust and sauce on their pizza and Quinton pushed his way up to the top by focused detail of his ingredients and won me over.


That said, when I was told that he had created a 6th pizza sauce to add to his menu, I was very quick to over and try.  Quinton had an idea to make a pizza resemble ranch dressing without actually using ranch dressing and thus came the “hidden valley” pizza. This pizza was made with chicken, bacon, tomatoes, cilantro and instead of your normal tomato based sauce, he made a special creamy cilantro sauce (not sure what is in it but love the flavor). The overall taste resembles ranch dressing without actually using ranch dressing (brilliant idea).

Artisans Pizza

Artisans “Hidden Valley” Pizza

Its hard for me to judge this pizza since its totally stepping aside from tradition but as usual the crust was done very well (no one does this style crust like artisans). The overall flavor was fresh and satisfying, the cheese had it own flavor which goes far in pizza and didn’t turn into a plastic white sheet like other pizza cheeses do by time I’m done shooting so thats also a huge plus. I feel like the sauce was not overpowering and blended well.


Next – since there is a huge barbecue craze going on with the opening of Woodpecker, Quinton figured why not throw Artisans into the mix and made a barbecue sauce for his wings. The barbecue wings comes covered in a sauce that is probably one of my new favorite barbecue sauces (need to recheck a few places to verify). It has a perfect balance of spice and sweetness and also comes with a side of a spicier version of the sauce if you want to really go for pain.

Artisans BBQ Wings

In actuality even the spicier version was not overpowering and still had a great flavor. I was asking if we could buy the sauce itself and use it at home and he says all the sauces are for sale so – if you like it, take some home! Many times the new items on Artisan’s menu go without notice so be sure to check these out next time your there and ask him for the secret menu (he usually has one).


Artisans: #A1-40 Poly Cultural Plaza, Poly Theater, Houhai, Nanshan District | Houhai Metro Station Exit E1, Shenzhen 518054

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