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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Indian Spice Curry House

Authentic Indian Food in Houhai Nanshan

Indian Spice Food Review

Indian Spice – A Taste of Goan

Indian Spice is a restaurant that has been setting Trip Advisor alight as of late, with 37 5 star reviews in the short time its been opened. This restaurant is the former location of ‘Little India’ but boy have things changed here for the better.

New venue

The first thing that strikes you as you walk in, is it is a small venue, (around 30 people max) but its well laid out and this isn’t such a problem. Rather than being loud or noisy, as one would expect from a small venue it is actually cosy and inviting, definitely a plus, and great for dining with a groups of friends. With it being a small venue the staff were fantastic, very professional and very organized. The owner ,Vincent, is well known in the F & B community in SZ, is very passionate and articulate about his food and his business. Anyone who ever ate at Indian Cottage can attest to this.

Taste Test

Now onto the food. The cuisine is authentic Goan food, which if you’ve never tried it, is packed full of flavour and spice. Goa was originally a colony of Portugal in the distant past and it is located in the South-West coast of India.


Vegetable Manchurian

The vegetable Manchurian (kinda liked a spicy meatball) was light, crisp and flavourful. One of the highlights of the menu. The onion bhaji, was ok. Didn’t wow me but did the job.

Chicken 65

The stars were the curries, which were the best I’ve ever had. The Goan Fish Curry, and the Butter Chicken Xacuti were full of flavour and texture and kept me going back for more. The fish was soft and had no bones! That’s a real winner in SZ. And it was not overly spicy, it was a slow heat. The chicken was buttery and had a spice kick to it but they matched really well with each other.
My personal favourite was the Aloo Palak, which was spinach based and had potato in it rather than the usual cottage cheese. Very simple dish but tasted delicious and really left me wanting more. This would be the dish I recommend out of all the others.

Delicious Aloo Palak
Butter Chicken

As you’d expect from an Indian restaurant the rice and naan should not disappoint, and it didn’t. the naan was perfect for soaking up the delicious curry and the saffron rice was flavourful and light.

Garlic Naan


But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, you wont be disappointed. Coastal City. Houhai Exit E1


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