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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Auntie Anne’s Now in Shenzhen China

But is it worth the trip?

Pretzel bites and cheese stuffed pretzels by Auntie Anne's

Review overview

Pretzel Bites3.9
Cheese Stuffed Pretzels7.7


I have heard about Auntie Anne’s returning to Shenzhen and was pretty excited. This was not because this place has a life-changing dish that’s going to post on our top 5 but just because it has childhood memories.  It is a restaurant originally located in the states that focus on versions of pretzels. You can get normal, bites, cheese filled,  sugar coated or other types.

Auntie Anne’s Interior


My friends and I got there and I was pretty happy about the fact that the workers were making the items behind a glass window so that you could watch them actually make the pretzels.

Types of Pretzels by Auntie Anne


The menu was pretty simple. You could get pretzels covered in seasonings (sugars mainly), basic ones, or pretzel bites that can be purchased with a dipping sauce (they are already too sweet). We ordered the cheese stuffed pretzels and the pretzel bites.

Pretzel bites and cheese stuffed pretzels by Auntie Anne’s


I had that memory of eating these in the malls when I was in high school. Instead, I was quickly hit by a reality of what happens when you put a ton of sugar in your mouth at once. The Pretzel bites were not as fresh as you would taste if you ordered a normal pretzel or stuffed. On top of that, they were completely covered in a thick layer of sugar. That said, eating a whole bite at once had me searching for a drink.  Also, since they are kept in a glass box they were not as fresh and cold. The other pretzels are typically higher demand and are more warm and fresh. That said, I was not too excited about the taste.

The cream cheese stuffed pretzels, however; was great! They came out warm and were not as overwhelmingly sweet as the bites and had a good taste. Somehow the sweetness from the cream cheese and the salty pretzel really worked out.


Altogether, if you love pretzels, this is a good spot to try. I wouldn’t say that its worth a long trip unless you just want bragging rights. Still, If I am around Wongtee plaza, I would definitely stop by for a quick snack and go.

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