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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Artisans Pizza

California Style Pizza Now in Shenzhen

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When I first came to Shenzhen China, I was a bit sad by the lack of options I saw in pizza and was a bit stuck with La Ceasar or Pizza Hut which is nothing like the states. There was one place in Houhai that was run by a French chef (I believe later to run the kitchen at Samking Pizza) which I went to on occasion to get my pizza fix but wasn’t fully sold on it. After returning to Shenzhen, I was told of other pizza spots that popped up around the city (guess I missed the pizza craze).

Hidden Valley Pizza


One pizza place that was told to me the most to try at the time was Artisans. I happened to be in HouHai and realized that the former French pizzeria was now Artisans so I made it a goal to go back and try. Since trying the pizza here, they have become one of my personal favorites in Shenzhen. The pizza style at Artisans is considered California Style and has many ingredients that show the mix of Mexican and American pizza. This gives the pizza here a unique edge in my opinion because it offers pies that you’re not going to find anywhere else in Shenzhen. That said, I wanted to focus on a simple pizza in order to rank it well so my pizza of choice was the Hollywood which is their version of a pepperoni pizza with added jalapenos.

Artisans Hollywood Pizza


One thing I love the most about Artisans is the crust. The crust in their pizza is a mixture of two types of flour. Once it is mixed and knitted, it is then stored for 72 hours before being used. The crust here is going to be more geared towards westerners as its a lightly charred and crispy crust thats still very light and chewy on the inside. Because of the time put into it, its a very light crust and one can easily handle a whole pizza here without feeling deathly sick the next day.

Salads at Artisans


The cheese they use is also good and has its own personality, unlike other cheeses that tend to not have a lot of flavors but blend into the ingredients. This is because they are using a full cream mozzarella from the U.S. Usually when your eating pizza, the main thing you taste should be the cheese but often times, it’s behind the flavors of the toppings. In the pizza here you can taste the distinction of the cheese.


Meatlovers Pizza @ Artisans


It’s hard to talk about the sauce here because Artisans has six sauces. The standard tomato sauce is made fresh without any cooking involved and seasoned to taste with fresh plum tomatoes. There is also a pesto sauce made from fresh basil and pine nuts, a lemon eggplant with white wine sauce, Sichuan peppercorn sauce, cilantro cream sauce, and Chipotle tomato sauce. All of this compliment the diversity and fusion style of specific pizzas.


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Chinese and Pinyin Name: 

匠人比萨餐厅 (Jianren Bisa Canting)

Place Address (English/Pinyin): 

A1-40 1st floor Poly Cultural Plaza Houhai Metro Station Exit E Houhai, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

深圳市南山区后海滨路保利文化广场A1-40, (保利剧院一号门对面)
Place Phone: 

+86 (755) 86287109

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