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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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A New Menu by Evil Duck

Loving the Fusion at Evil Duck

As a food photographer, I get to try out a lot of new and cool dishes around the world and I have to say that this was a very unique and diverse menu with fusion dishes I would never have thought about. If you haven’t been to Evil Duck, it is what I would call a gastropub located in the Shuiwei area of Futian and specializes in craft beers and unique dishes. I wish that I had the time and the willpower to really dive into this menu of items and break each one down but this was a long photo shoot with a vast array of dishes. That said, I am going to call out a few dishes that really impressed me:

Fish Tacos and a Mexican style braided corn on the cobb.

My personal favorite~ Fish tacos served with a unique braided corn on the cob.
The fact that someone quite literally braided the corn leaves is pretty amazing but the corn itself was fantastic. Coming from someone who doesnt really like to eat corn, it was covered in this array of sauces and cheese giving it a very distinct taste. I wish i knew the recipe of the sauce but cant help you at the moment. The fish tacos were done right. They were served on soft corn tortillas and are using a great batter. It reminded me literally of the fish tacos I had in Mexico.
Shuiwei 5th street, number 76. Shuiwei wu jie , 76 dong.


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